Photo by  Mitchell Bennett

Hello, I'm Jodie van de Wetering.  I'm a writer and performer leaving a trail of creative mayhem across Rockhampton and Central Queensland. I’m a stand up comedian, do improv comedy, write short fiction and poetry, and am usually busy with various projects supporting local artists and making things happen. At the moment I’m writing my first full-length play, with support from JUTE Theatre Company and the Central Queensland Regional Arts Services Network.

I run the Rocky Improv Group, which is for anyone and everyone with an interest in improvised theatre and comedy. We have a weekly beginner-friendly training session for anyone who’d like to have a go, and our most skilled and experienced members are stepping out for our first professional gigs.

I'm the editor of independent online arts/lit mag Rocky Street Press, which publishes (and pays!) artists and writers from rural and regional Australia.

I came to the arts relatively late in life, and finally getting involved in comedy and performance felt like coming home.  That's one of the reasons I'm passionate about creating outlets for other people to get involved in the arts, and supporting local artists to make the most of the opportunities that come our way.