Some of my recent writing, and a few old favourites.  You can find my most recent articles for the ABC here.

What does the State Emergency Service do between disasters?
The State Emergency Service's orange-clad volunteers are a familiar sight during and after storms and natural disasters, but what do they do the rest of the time?
ABC Capricornia, May 2017

Heritage breeds bring home the bacon for free-range piggery
Vivienne Coleman runs free-range pig farm Bedford Park at St Lawrence, specialising in English heritage breeds which are touted as the Wagyu of the pork world.
ABC Capricornia, May 2017


CQ youth painting away the black dog
Central Queensland youth are painting away depression and anxiety thanks to a community event which has raised more than $100,000 over five years for mental health initiatives.
ABC Capricornia, April 2017

Zonta volunteers provide cushion of support for breast cancer patients
An Australian design for a cushion to ease the pain of women who have had mastectomies is now being made by volunteers around the world, including a team in Rockhampton turning out 120 a year.
ABC Capricornia, March 2017

'Huge need' for drug recovery services in regional Queensland
A service working with recovering drug users in central Queensland says families who are dealing with loved ones addicted to substances are struggling.
ABC Capricornia, March 2017

Grave Warnings
I'm one of five authors contributing to horror anthology Grave Warnings.  My offering is set in the Outback, in the vast, timeless expanses of northwestern New South Wales where human life is just a tiny part of something much bigger and older.
December 2016

Stolen wages fund scholarships for Indigenous youth
The stolen wages — money withheld from Aboriginal workers in the past — are now funding a new generation of young Indigenous achievers  through the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation.
ABC Capricornia, October 2016

Film industry in regional Queensland experiencing surge of activity
There is a surge of activity in regional Queensland's film industry, with a full-length movie shot in Rockhampton in late 2015, the Capricorn Film Festival showcasing short films from across the region and the country, and an independent studio established in Maryborough.
ABC Capricornia, September 2016

ABC station older than the ABC itself celebrates 85 years of radio
One of regional Queensland's oldest radio stations has celebrated 85 years of continuous operation.  4RK (now ABC Capricornia) was started by the privately-run Australian Broadcasting Company in Rockhampton in central Queensland on July 29, 1931, making it an ABC station older than the ABC itself.
ABC Capricornia, July 2016

I have a piece of flash fiction included in this anthology of strange short fiction themed around wicked plants and creepy creepers.
March 2016

Mandala artist combines art and spirituality for a career that goes in circles
The compass loops across the thick cream paper, leaving a series of curving designs reminiscent of a spirograph doodle.  But these delicate lines were not made by a children's toy, but by the hand of an artist who draws on her spirituality to create swirling abstract artworks.
ABC Wide Bay, March 2016

Stage time is just as crucial for young comedians as it is for young bands
Stage time matters for the greenest of comics because, as a standup comedian, the audience is your instrument. You can be witty, you can be insightful, you can be a walking wikipedia of pop culture references with a mind that moves at twice the speed of sound, but if you can’t engage the 20 blank faces in front of you, you’re not going to be able to make them laugh.
The Runout, April 2015

Cyclone preparation for beginners
Severe weather is a fact of life in Queensland.  But if you've recently moved to the Sunshine State, preparing for your first cyclone can be daunting.
ABC Capricornia, January 2014

Advice animal memes for the disability community
While most internet memes are just for fun, they can also have a more substantial purpose. Some are being used as a means of self expression by marginalised groups such as people with disability.
ABC Open, June 2013

Hit the court with the Forbes Croquet Club (audio)
Join the Forbes Croquet Club for a friendly game, and find out more about their new digs on Halpin Flat.
ABC Central West, October 2012

Hannah's story of love, hate and transition
'Hannah', a transgender woman living in the Wide Bay Burnett, shares her story of love, hate, and transitioning.
ABC Wide Bay, September 2011

Beneath the veil: Bundy nurses prepare for reunion (audio)
Practical jokes, pantry raids and polishing bedpans: life as a trainee nurse.
ABC Wide Bay, April 2011

Ration Shed now provides food for thought
One of Sandra Morgan's vivid girlhood memories is her grandmother carefully washing and folding the calico bags that held their flour, rice and split peas, in preparation for the weekly walk to the Ration Shed to get supplies. Today the restored Ration Shed is a museum, healing place and cultural hub in the vibrant Indigenous community of Cherbourg.
ABC Wide Bay, March 2011

Pay a visit to Queensland's last working flying fox change dispenser
In the days before EFTPOS or even cash registers, businesses still had to handle their cash quickly and efficiently. They used devices like the flying fox change dispenser, and a shop in Gayndah is as the last retail outlet in Queensland to still be handling their cash via flying fox.
ABC Wide Bay, November 2010

The fishy tale of the Ompax (audio)
It's one straight out of the history books - the Gayndah hoax that duped the nation's scientists for years.
ABC Wide Bay, August 2009

Paradise lost
Some say it's the most beautiful parrot in the world, but you can't see it with binoculars - you'll need a history book.
ABC Wide Bay, July 2009