Photo by Mitchell Bennett

Hi there, I'm Jodie van de Wetering.  I tell stories and work with other people to tell theirs.  I'm a reporter with ABC Capricornia, a writer and a performer.

In the course of my day job, I tell stories from across central Queensland on the radio, online, and occasionally on television.  It's a job I love, because it means sharing local stories not just with the people directly affected but across the state and the nation as well, and highlighting the issues that matter to our lives to a wider audience.  You can find my recent stories here.

Outside of reporting, my writing has been published in anthologies including Grave Warnings (Pencil Tip Publishing, 2016) and Sproutlings (Invisible Elephant Press, 2015) and in literary journals including Idiom23 and Crab Fat Magazine.  

As a performer I mainly work in stand up comedy and improv.  I'm part of Discomfort Zone Theatre Company, a small crew with varied backgrounds from acting and directing to clowning and Butoh physical theatre.  As a unit we specialise in new works, improv, and non-traditional theatre.