ABC stuff March 27: little gallery love

We haven't talked about visual art for a couple of weeks, and last time we did we concentrated mostly on what was happening at the major galleries in Rockhampton and Gladstone, so I thought this time we'd share some love with Central Queensland's little galleries.

This post is mostly flyers and Facebook posts chunks of copy-paste - sorry about that, my brain's a bit broken at the moment and this is what I've got the energy to pull together.  Enjoy.  And if you know of something I missed, please leave it in the comments.  Ta!


100 Objects: Clermont Historical Centre

Mel Cole.jpg

An Isaac outback town’s history is set to be unveiled in a revealing exhibition for the first time.

The 100 Objects collection is the latest creation from Clermont Historical Centre.  Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker said the vast assortment which opened on March 7 represents Clermont’s eclectic and colourful past.

“The town of Clermont is one of the most historic towns in northern Australia, having a colourful past, rich in drama and laced with tragedy,” Mayor Baker said.

“It was the first inland settlement in the tropics, making it a frontier town in the truest sense of the word.

“The 100 Objects exhibition will include our iconic steam engine that moved a town out of a deadly flood zone, a sheep property’s slab hut and the infamous piano up a tree.

“A few other objects worth keeping an out for is the post-war five-minute washing machine, Clermont Fire Brigade’s 1945 truck, an Aboriginal wooden club either used for hand-to-hand combat, hunting or for digging plus relics used for crushing gold ore.

“Here’s your chance – locals and tourists alike - to relive your childhood and connect yourself to a period in history.

“Come and explore our history and discover our stories.”

The exhibition will run throughout the year until December 2018.

100 Objects follows the moving Flood of Memories Exhibition hosted by the centre last year.

It paid homage to local stories of courage, heroism and tragedy, memorabilia and photography from the fatal flood of 1916.


Svalbard: The land of dreams is an exhibition of photographic prints taken by Gladstone artist Elena Korotkaia on Svalbard, an island in the Arctic, less than 1400 kilometres away from the North Pole.  Open at Photopia Studio Mon-Thurs from 930-3pm, up late Thurs nights from 6-8pm and Sat & Sun from 10-3pm. You can meet the artist Elena Korotkaia in person on Thursdays and Sundays in the gallery - a very special chance to find out first hand about her experiences and inspirations.