Photo by  Mitchell Bennett

Hi there, I'm Jodie van de Wetering.  I'm a writer and performer leaving a trail of creative mayhem across Rockhampton.

I love supporting local artists, especially the independent, underground, and alternative.  I run Allsorts Open Mic, a monthly all-in variety show giving people free, accessible opportunities to get involved in the arts. 

I'm the editor of online arts/lit mag Rocky Street Press, which publishes (and pays!) artists and writers from rural and regional Australia.  I have a background in journalism and broadcasting, and write short fiction, poetry, and for performance.

I've acted in several local productions, and my biggest project to date was directing and producing Rocky Radio: Live on Stage, a full length live show in February 2018.  I have regular adventures in stand up comedy, improv and interactive events - to see what's coming up, check out the gig guide.