Photo by Lisa Clarke

Photo by Lisa Clarke

Most of my performing is comedy - sketches, improv, and my first love, stand up.  Rockhampton has a small but feisty and diverse comedy community, with our first local comedy club the Red Dahlia opening at the start of 2017 and comics doing the rounds of country pubs, community events, church fetes, fundraisers and, on one notable occasion, a garden bed.

My own work is largely observational, and based on telling stories - stories that just happen to be absurd and ridiculous for all there's at least a grain of truth. It's all based on my own life and experiences, which just happen to involve exploding wine barrels, working as a magician's
assistant, losing a fight with a baked potato, and growing up on a rosella farm.  No, not the birds.

I'm also part of Discomfort Zone Theatre Company's improv group, and have organised sketch comedy performances for community events like Rockhampton's Botanic Gardens open day.

If you'd like to find out more about booking some live comedy for your event in Rockhampton or the surrounding areas of Central Queensland, please just get in touch.

Here's a little taste of what I do:

Stand up comedy from Jodie van de Wetering