Allsorts is the first draft of awesome: a friendly home and training ground for new and emerging performers in the Rockhampton region.  No auditions, no membership fees, no meetings and no pressure, just a group of people doing what we love.

Allsorts is free for the audience and for performers, and because everyone's welcome every show is different.  Our regular open mics have comedy, music, poetry and improv, and we're are open to any other ideas you'd like to bring.

Our shows provide stage time for emerging artists and a safe, encouraging space for newbies.  We give more experienced acts a place to experiment, and create opportunities for short performances that fall outside the mainstream.

You'll find Allsorts on the first Saturday of the month at the Saleyards Distillery on Gladstone Road, Rockhampton.  You can check upcoming dates in the gig guide.

We also run sporadic play reading nights at the Saleyards where you can be part of a play without trifling distractions like rehearsals, props, costumes, learning lines, or knowing what you're doing.  We pick a play (usually Shakespeare, he's conveniently been dead so long he can't send us a bill), hand out roles and scripts on the night, and launch straight into it.

If you'd like to get involved or find out more, drop me a line.

Wondering what we get up to?  Here are a few clips from past shows: